A secure way to share your photos

inspired us

As we watched the celebrity hacks unfold, we realized this could happen to any one of us.

"People forget that
we're human."

Jennifer Lawrence

"Privacy is about
having control over how
information flows"

Danah Boyd

Just between us.

Every friend in glitchi has a public and a private key. You "lock" the message with your friend's public key and send it their way. Once they receive it, they can "unlock" and the message with their private key. The picture is not accessible outside of you guys' phones.

With your touch.
Only on your phone.

At glitchi, we don't store the private keys of users in our servers. This prevents anyone who gains access to our servers from decrypting your messages. Including us! Your private key is securely stored in your iPhone. With Touch ID, you're the only one that can receive and decrypt a glitchi.

No passwords, no
password hints.

glitchi doesn't ask for a password to remember or to provide security answers that could be compromised. We use your phone number and touch ID to validate your iPhone. That's why your glitchies are only available on your personal iPhone.

You won't find your
stuff on the web.

Internet does not delete, nor forget. glitchi platform and the internet does not have ability to decrypt. If our servers get hacked, your messages and photos are not accessible. Download these personal glitchies of our founders to validate our strong encryption.


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